"I've been involved in over 12 different programs I've paid for, most were worthless, a few had minimal value, CFRN is the only one that I've come across that is the real deal, it works, As you say, it's not easy, but it does work, and I see myself getting steadily better and better. I'd like nothing better than to help some struggling trader that might otherwise walk away from CFRN, based on their past experience with all the scams."
~ Les H.
"I am a 30 year veteran of the futures market. I have never seen a better room, with better techniques and most of all,
so much for your money!"
~ Jerry "Fry" Freidman
Ex-Floor Trader
I would just like to say that after an extensive search for a trading and mentorship program, I decided to go with CFRN. All the folks at CFRN, Mike, DeWayne, Burt and Leslie have been more than kind and considerate of my goals. They have answerd every question that I've ever encountered with a prompt and professional demeanor. Their indicator package works great and even though there is no magic tools that can predict the future, the CFRN indicator package along with Michael B. the trading room director, has given me more higher probability trades than I ever had before. 
God bless!

~ Pete - Sag Harbor NY


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By reserving your seat, you agree to CFRN sending you updates on upcoming events and important market information. You can withdraw your consent at any time.

Trading and investing involve a substantial degree of a risk of loss and are not suitable for everyone. Past performance is not indicative of future results. Fundamental factors, seasonal and weather trends, daily news, and other current events may have already been factored into the markets. Some trading strategies have unlimited risk. Educate yourself on the risks and rewards of such investing prior to trading.
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